Your Thank You Card Solution

Time-Saving Beauty and Ease

You want to send beautiful, handwritten thank you cards but don’t have enough time or feel that your handwriting is not up to the task?

Letter Art + Genie Notes is here to help!

Letter Art = Your Online Stationer

Letter Art provides two online specialty shops, the Note Nook and the Invite Shop, where you will find a large selection of thank you card styles. Debbie Cohn, owner of Letter Art, is always happy to help if you have questions or need assistance.

Genie Notes = Your Writing Assistant

Genie Notes writes thank you cards for weddings, soon-to-be parents, and any other occasion. They will also address envelopes for you in your chosen handwriting style. Genie Notes uses animatronic robots that physically hold pens and produce handwriting that mimics a human-being’s. They have a variety of handwriting styles and ink colors from which to choose. You can upload your guest list, add generic and custom messages, and Genie Notes will do the rest, including: writing, stuffing, sealing, addressing, stamping, and mailing the cards to your recipients.

The Process

  1. Select and order notecards from either the Note Nook or the Invite Shop
  2. Have the notecards shipped directly to:  Genie Notes, 6119 Greenville Ave, #551, Dallas, TX 75206
  3. Go to GenieNotes.com to submit your writing order and to make handwriting style and ink color selections

Start with the Note Nook

High quality personalized, flat and folded thank you notes in classic and modern styles
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $99

Monograms • Envelope Liners • Embossing • Raised Print 

Start with the Invite Shop

Fun, colorful personalized, flat and folded thank you notes

Monograms • Watercolor Designs • Foil • Photo Cards •
Die Cut Shapes